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Professional Lawn Care Programs in Bemidji, MN - Residential and Commercial

TG Lawn Care & Landscaping - Sales & Service lawn care programs can be tailored to your lawn's particular needs. All you need to do is contact us and we will measure your lawn and do a 10 point lawn care analysis. We will tailor a program that fits your lawn's needs as well as your budget.

Your lawn is your welcome mat, a healthy lawn and well pruned trees and shrubs say a lot about your home or business. We work on both residential and commercial lawns in the Bemidji Area of Northern Minnesota.

Time, equipment, material and the know how to use them properly are just some of the reasons you should pick a company with the proven knowledge and experience of TG Lawn Care & Landscaping - Sales & Service.

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Fertilizing and Weed Control

Fertilizer Blends are not all the same and neither are lawns, that is why it is our job as a professional lawn care company to decide what your particular lawn may need. We will tailor our applications to fit your particular lawn's needs.

Why Should I Fertilize?

Your lawn is made up of thousands of individual grass plants and each one needs food, water, and care just like people need these to maintain a healthy life. If you don't provide these elements your lawn will thin, brown and be taken over by weeds. (Remember your lawn is your welcome mat and a great selling point for a home.)

Why should I use weed control?

Just as we remove unwanted pests in our lives to make it easier, so should you for your lawn. Allowing weeds to live in your lawn removes the necessary nutrients your grass plants need. By using weed control correctly you will provide your grass with a healthy living environment.

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Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. The benefits of the process are reduce soil complication, improves water usage, improves fertilizer uptake, promotes healthier roots, reduces thatch, and promotes a thicker lawn and prevents erosion.

Aeration Grass Roots

Why should I Aerate?

Most lawns take a lot of abuse over the course of the year and become compacted and lose their fertile topsoil. By opening up the soil you allow it to breathe and become fertile topsoil again. You will also allow fertilizers and water to penetrate the root system more efficiently.

Aeration Aerator

How often should I Aerate?

All lawns should be aerated once a year, however, some lawns that have a heavy use or heavy clay could be done twice a year.

When should I Aerate?

The best time to aerate is in the spring or fall. If you aerate in the spring, try to have it done by the middle of June. If you do it in the fall, September is a good month in our area. It is best to aerate and then apply your first winter application of fertilizer and weed control.

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Sulfur Application

Sulfur is an essential element your grass needs to maintain a healthy plant. Sulfur will help your lawn retain nutrients it needs to survive droughts and other stresses that will develop during a growing season.

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Insecticide applications can be used to control pests that are infesting your grass plants or your trees and shrubs, however only a professional lawn technician should decide to use insecticide. There are many insects that can damage your grass plants or trees and shrubs. It is important to identify the insect that is causing the problem so proper control can be obtained, and unnecessary materials are not used.

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